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VMG Studios CEO Named Outstanding WBE CEO of 2020

VMG Studios Staff

Women's Enterprise Magazine Outstanding WBE CEOs of 2020 featuring Kelly Sparks of VMG Studios


We are excited to announce that VMG Studios CEO and Founder, Kelly Sparks, has been named one of Women's Enterprise Magazine's (WE USA) Outstanding WBE CEOs of 2020.


A WBE, or Women's Business Enterprise, is a certified diverse company. VMG Studios is a certified women-owned business through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council, also known as WBENC.


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WE USA Outstanding WBE CEOs of 2020


"At Women's Enterprise USA, we are euphorically focused on women who build and run their own companies and eagerly tell their stories of success – whether they're about developing their businesses, creating jobs in their communities or mentoring other entrepreneurs. We asked leaders of business advocacy groups across the country for the names of women who represent strength and determination, bring quality and innovation to the marketplace and work to improve their communities. 

'These CEOs are leading the way for other female entrepreneurs to bring competitive, collaborative and innovative services to a marketplace in motion,' said Kristin Schneider, publisher of Women's Enterprise USA. 'Our Outstanding WBE CEOs 2020 have not only built successful companies, they are changing the way the world does business.'"


The team at VMG Studios is proud of all of Kelly's accomplishments and we wish her a big congratulations on her much-deserved recognition.


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Learn more about Kelly's winning strategies through her upcoming webinar

Mastering the ART of Business GROWTH

FREE Webinar for WBE's


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VMG Studios Staff

Written by VMG Studios Staff

VMG Studios employs a diverse team of storytellers from animators to designers to producers to editors. Collaboration and creativity are key to our philosophy. We support one another in all facets of life, and know how to have a good time.

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