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5 Benefits of Doing Repeat Business with VMG Studios

Bryan Johnston

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In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character keeps reliving the same day over and over. At first, he’s freaked out but eventually begins to see the advantages. Each day he takes what he’s learned from the previous day and uses that experience to his benefit. 


The same thing can be said for coming back for repeat business with the same vendor. VMG Studios in particular.


While you don’t want a vendor who provides repetitive, formulaic work, there’s comfort in finding a familiar partner to fulfill all of your project needs. We have several clients whom we’ve worked with for years, and we’ve kept these long-term partnerships by growing together and never becoming complacent in our creativity and innovation. 


If you’ve stumbled upon this article, you might have already worked with VMG before (welcome back!), you’re looking to find a long-term creative partner, or you’re looking to switch up suppliers. Regardless of the reasoning, naturally, we hope you determine that VMG is the right fit. This article will list 5 financially and emotionally compelling reasons for selecting VMG as your creative content supplier.


1. Speed to Market

When you’re in business, regardless of your role, you’re always on a deadline. For those in the field of marketing, you know too well that time becomes an even greater issue. If you have a new product or are trying to capitalize on a recent success you need to strike while the iron’s hot because innovation and wins become obsolete the moment your competition has their own flag-waving achievement.


Perhaps you need a video for a particular event and you absolutely, positively, have to have the video by that date. Bringing return business to VMG is a tremendous time-saver in that you’re dealing with a known commodity. You’ve already gone through the onboarding process and get-to-know-each-other phase. From past work, we are familiar with your needs, branding and legal guidelines, culture, and products/services. That leads to quicker turnaround times. 


Here’s a perfect example.


We were asked to do a video for an enterprise client and the deadline was, shall we say, aggressive. However, this was perhaps the fifth or sixth video we had done for them. In the early stages of our relationship, the scripts would go through as many as six versions due to us familiarizing ourselves with their very particular style and the number of stakeholders weighing in. Our most recent project took only three script cycles which saved well over a week of production time.


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2. Information Security

We mentioned the onboarding process, which can often be lengthy. From brand and legal guidelines, spinning an agency up to speed takes time, and ensuring the safety of your information is essential.


VMG has worked with enterprise clients for years and we recognize the trust our clients are instilling in our team to keep their sensitive information protected. We have several security measures in place and a committed director of IT who has been with VMG since the very beginning.


All of our employees have completed compliance training, which includes extensive training on topics like GDPR (general data protection regulation) and data and privacy cybersecurity.


By doing repeat business with VMG, you can rest assured that your information is protected while saving time onboarding a new agency.


3. Ease of Communication & Collaboration

My wife and I can pretty much finish each other’s sentences but that wasn’t the case when we were first dating. This same dynamic applies to the client/vendor relationship. Once you’ve worked with VMG, we’ll both have a much clearer understanding of how the other works. We’ll know if your preferred method of communication is through email, phone, Zoom, Teams, Chime, or a particular project management software. We also know your style of communication, be it more direct or a softer approach. 



Familiarity smooths over many potholes. One pothole in particular: miscommunication.


In a conversation between two people, the more familiar you are with the other person, the better chance you’ll both be on the same page. The more you work with someone, the more comfortable you become with them. The more comfortable you become with them, the more you trust and like them. There’s less friction. It all goes back to the old axiom, “People like who are like them.” And liking whom you work with goes a long way. 86% of consumers say loyalty is primarily driven by likability. 


Open communication also promotes more honest collaboration, which can lead to dynamic creative ideas that might not have come to fruition without such collaboration.


4. Build Trust

A quality product will always be important, but trust might be even more so. When working with a new vendor, trust isn’t a given. Trust is earned. There’s always that thin strain of doubt until your vendor proves their worth.


If you’ve done business with VMG Studios in the past, then that strain of doubt doesn’t exist. If you’re considering bringing us your business again it’s because we’ve shown you that we can do the job.


Let’s zoom out for a bigger picture perspective.


In America, our economy works because people trust each other and the businesses they support. It’s critical for any values-led or purpose-driven business to hold trust as a core value. There’s a correlation between trust and economics. In the simplest terms, people who trust each other make more money than people who don’t. And trust cannot be purchased. It is earned through each and every interaction.


Look at it from the perspective of your customers. You know that when your customer trusts you, they believe you have their best interest at heart and are more likely to become loyal, repeat customers. If you’ve done business with VMG before, then you know we have this same mindset as you can see in these testimonials from other businesses who have put their trust in us. 




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5. Diversity of Expertise

A familiar lament I’ve heard from clients and business partners in the past revolves around the time-sink of finding a new vendor. The process can be challenging, and, frankly, you have better uses of your time. You don’t need one more task on your to-do list.


Of course, if you’ve been happy with a particular vendor, why would you look for a different one? It could be a question of skill set and lack of information. You sourced one type of project the first time around, but your next need requires slightly different expertise, and you don’t know if your current vendor is proficient in this secondary arena.


We’ve experienced this at VMG Studios.


A client hired us to do a live-action video shoot, but their next project required animation and they said, “Oh, we didn’t realize you did that.” Rest assured we do. And we did! Not only was the client thrilled with the outcome, but it also saved them the trouble of seeking referrals and jumping through the hoops of vetting an animator and getting approval from several other stakeholders. Their to-do list was simplified dramatically, and they were able to begin their project with us immediately with no downtime.


If you’re unsure about all of the services VMG’s provides, here’s a snapshot of our expertise:

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Moving Forward with VMG Studios as Your Supplier

Everything listed above circles back to the two pillars of corporate success: time and money. We want to help you make the most of both of those so you can continue to get gold stars from your bosses. At VMG Studios, we’ve worked with numerous Fortune 100 clients, and there’s a reason they keep coming back. Just like Groundhog Day.


Those reasons include:

  1. Speed to market
  2. Information security
  3. Ease of communication & collaboration
  4. Trust
  5. Diversity of expertise

If we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with you in the past, we can’t wait to begin a new project with you in the future. If you’re still looking for the perfect vendor, we hope you consider VMG Studios. We’d love to set up an introductory planning conversation to learn more about your project needs.


In the meantime, we invite you to download the free worksheet below: 10 Questions to Ask an Agency Before Hiring Them

10 questions to ask a video production company downloadable worksheet


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Bryan Johnston

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