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Video Production Set Build Behind-The-Scenes

VMG Studios Staff


Have you ever wondered what it looks like to build a set inside a studio? This timelapse video shows crews building a podcasting basement for a Microsoft shoot at VMG Studios.


It took 2 days to bring the concept to life. What made the build unique and fun was combining the decorative styles of a man in his late 20s (the podcaster) and his mom since his podcasting studio is in her basement.


VMG Studios had people on staff bring various items from their own homes to fill the space and make it feel more authentic. That included bringing items you'd see in a 20-something-year-old's home, as well as the traditional "mom" decorations from books to globes to artwork.


The authenticity of the scene was kicked up a notch with the window in the build. At around the 26-second mark of the video, you can see the window light up. Our team decided to even go outside, get some tree branches, and put them outside the faux window to make it look as real as possible. It's all in the details.


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VMG Studios Staff

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