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8 Tips for Working From Home Long-Term

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Localization vs. Translation: How Videos Can Reach the Right Audience

7 Benefits of an Explainer Video

How to Make Interactive Media Accessible (and Why It’s Important)

How to Balance Being a Full-Time Employee and Part-Time Teacher During COVID-19

Professional Video vs. Cell Phone Video for Marketing [Pros and Cons]

How to Create the Perfect Creative Environment for Optimal Productivity

What is an Explainer Video? (Definition & Examples)

The Marketer's Guide to Instagram Reels

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7 Benefits of Content Marketing

VMG Studios Recognized as a Fastest-Growing Company in the Seattle Area

What is Content Marketing?

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5 Benefits of Implementing Interactive Video into Your Marketing Strategy

What Are Shoppable Videos? (Definition & eCommerce Examples)

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What is a Producer?

VMG Studios CEO Named Outstanding WBE CEO of 2020

5 Strategies to Combat Video Conferencing (Zoom) Fatigue

Director of Photography vs. Cinematographer: What’s the Difference?

Navigating Supplier Diversity at Lowe's

Benefits of a Professional Voice-over

How to Safely Shoot Video Content in Studio During COVID-19

Benefits of Partnering with a Certified Women-Owned Business

What is Virtual Video Production?

5 Benefits of Video Marketing (Video Statistics for 2020)

How to Navigate Supplier Diversity at Starbucks

How to Look Professional While Video Conferencing: Body Language Tips

What Are Mood Boards, Style Frames, and Storyboards?

The Power of Cute in Marketing

How to Record High-Quality Video From Your Home Computer

How to Build an Organic Instagram Following for Your Business

How to Navigate Supplier Diversity at Facebook

What is Post-Production and How Does it Elevate Your Video?

10 Tips For Becoming Comfortable On-Camera

What Is Craft Services in Video Production?

A Breakdown and Definition of Video Production Roles

What is an Infographic?

Top 5 Virtual Event and Webinar Streaming Services

How to Work with an Agency: What’s My Involvement as the Client?

How to Get Started with Hosting Virtual Events

The 5 Main Styles of Animated Marketing Videos

4 Dynamic Virtual Event Presentation Ideas

How To Build or Revamp a Brand For Your Business

Pre-Recorded Content vs. Live-Streaming for Virtual Events

The Importance of Marketing During an Economic Downturn

How to Record a Better Sounding Voice-over

5 Alternatives to Live-Action Video Content During the COVID-19 Outbreak

How to Keep Company Culture Alive While Working Remotely

Passive vs. Active Audience: How it Affects Your Video

9 Different Types of Marketing Videos

Benefits of Hiring a Video Production Company

How Long Does a Design Project Take?

Lights. Camera. Jargon! A Guide to Video Production Terms & Definitions

How to Get People to Watch Your Video

How Much Does Graphic Design Cost? (Branding, Custom, Website)

Best Marketing Agencies & Production Studios Near Seattle (Reviews/Ratings)

What Is a Case Study Video and Why Is It Useful?

How to Write Video Dialogue (And Why It’s Important)

Horizontal vs. Vertical Video: Social Media Best Practices

How To Write a Video Script

Professional vs. Non-Professional Talent: Who Should Be On-Camera for Your Marketing Video?

10 Principles of Motion Design

Top 5 2020 Super Bowl Commercials

How to Get Millennials to Watch Your Videos

How Storytelling Can Help Tech Companies Market Their Brand

Motion Graphics vs. Animation: Is There a Difference?

How Long Should a Marketing Video Be?

How to Capture B-Roll to Visually Tell a Story

How To Shoot and Produce A Video on a Budget

Understanding Loudness in Audio Production: The Great Loudness War

How Product Videos Boost Online Sales

How to Prepare When Hiring a Video Production Company: The Top 10 Questions to Ask

Building a YouTube Channel: Tips and Tricks

Brand Color Psychology: Men vs. Women

The Cost of Different Types of Live-Action Videos

2020 Social Media Trends

2020 Live-Action Video Trends

4 Common Problems with DIY’ing Your Video Assets

How Much Time Does it Take to Make a Video? (Marketing, Corporate)

2020 Graphic Design Trends

Video Production Set Build Behind-The-Scenes

2020 Animation & Motion Graphics Trends

Video Production Staff: Who Are All These People Working on Set?

2020 Audio Trends

What is Interactive Video?

How Much Does a Video Cost?

How Long Does it Take to Make an Animation? (Animated Video)

Cost of Professional Voice Talent

Top 4 Online Music Services for Video

How To Shoot Your Own Video: The Beginner's Guide to Equipment

Closed Captioning vs. Subtitles: What’s the Difference?

How Much Does an Animated Video Cost?

Live-Action Video vs. Animation: Pros & Cons

VMG Studios Staff Picks

Production Nightmares: Stories by VMG Studios Employees

Netflix Tries Its Hand at Adult Interactive Media with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

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